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Jill is Looking for a New Home

Hi, my name is Jill and I'm just the sweetest mature pointer lady. The rescue people are guessing me to be around 9 years old, but I'm not saying; a lady never tells her age. I'm very sweet and happy and get along well with other dogs, cats, and people of all ages and sizes. I'm well house trained, and love the option of having a doggie door which I use like a champion. I'm crate trained, but foster mom doesn't bother to crate me anymore since I'm so mellow and well behaved. If you let me, I'm perfectly content to snuggle up next to you on the furniture all day. I'm very affectionate and calm. The only time I lose my cool is when you take me out for a walk - so many birds, so little time! I do walk well on a leash, but I'm very excitable and am quite busy once we get out and about. I do have one bad habit - if I see a bird outside a chain link fence and there is a gap in the fence that I can squeeze under or fit through, I'll give it a try. Foster mom says that whomever adopts me should either have a solid wooden fence which I can't see through (then I'm not tempted to go out and find more birds), or if you have a chain link fence, you have to keep a close eye on me when I'm in the yard. But, on a good note, now that I've been in my foster home for a little while, I'm not trying to get out as much and I return to foster mom now when she whistles. I like her, she feeds me good treats when I come back to her. So, bonding with me will be important and I probably won't want to roam (as much) once I know I'm finally in a "real" home. Foster mom says that I'm charming because when I'm happy I do a little dance and then yodel my favorite song. It makes foster mom laugh every time. I'd love to find a home of my own to spend my golden years. I don't ask for much, just a soft bed and maybe some nice long walks where we can look for birds. Won't you consider adopting me?

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