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Elmer Needs a New Home!

Elmer (he just got that name and does not know it yet, so it could be easily changed) is a very sweet dog, mostly white with orange mostly on his ears and speckled on his face and he has an adorable underbite! He is very sweet, but does not seem to have much obedience training. He does not walk very well on a leash, although we are working on it. He has a very strong prey drive, but seems to be a bit skittish and startled by loud noises. We are estimating 6 for an age as he has some dental calculus and staining, and is starting to get random gray hairs around his eyes, but is still VERY excitable and active!

We just gave him his physical exam and vaccines. He seems pretty healthy, may need a dental cleaning at some point and has a cute under bite. His Heartworm test was negative. For vaccines we gave a full DHLPP-C, Inter-nasal Bordatella (kennel cough), 1-year Rabies. We cleaned his ears and trimmed his nails and he wagged his tail the entire time. He weighs about 63 lbs. What a sweet boy.

Elmer needs to find a foster home or forever home soon! If you are interested in fostering him, please fill out a PRO Volunteer Form and indicate your interest in fostering Elmer.

For information about adopting Elmer, please contact Liz or call 617-244-4367. Elmer is in Newton, MA.

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