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Maia needs a New Home

Hello folks, Iím Maia Ö Maia Jambalaya Papaya. My foster brother Sam (Sam-o-rama Banana) and I have just polished off a couple Kongs stuffed with Milk Bones, braunschweiger and cheese that my foster mom and dad made for us. Mmmmm Ö paw-lickiní good!

Anyway, Iím here in Oklahoma with Sam and my foster parents, Jenny and Daniel. Sam and I are pretty good buds and we get lots of running and wrestling time in the back yard and even in the living room, where we spend the better part of these hot summer days. Samís at least 15 pounds heavier than me, but heís just a youngster, so I can teach him some smooth moves.

Iím all caught up on my shots but Iíll be undergoing a couple of medical procedures here soon to get spayed and treated for heart worm. So please keep me in your prayers.

For information about adopting Maia, please fill out a PRO Adoption Form and someone will contact you soon.

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