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June Needs a New Place to Call Home

June aka Junebug aka "Wiggle-Waggle" (cause that's what she does - she wiggles and waggles!) is a beautiful black and white girl. She's very young. We think she's around 1. She's a little thing, around 35lbs - a pocket pointer! A good size for cuddling.

She's very fast! She loves to zoom around the yard. She is very submissive with other dogs, but she loooves to play with them. She will pester and pester them until they play, whether it's a run or a wrestle. Some of our dogs aren't thrilled about the idea and growl at her. She'll hit the floor and offer her belly, but she'll still try to creep closer to give them kisses. Never give up! She usually manages to get in a couple of licks.

She seems to prefer women, but isn't afraid of men. She likes to get on a lap in the evening after running all day.

For more information about adopting June, please fill out a PRO Adoption Form and someone will contact you soon.

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