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Cute Pointer Boy Needs Help

Hi! Whatcha doin? Hi! Wanna play? Hi! Wanna pet me? Hi, let's do something!

Whizzer is a very energetic dog. He's excited about everything. Cause, everything's exciting!! He likes people. He likes dogs. He likes to play with people and other dogs. He's noisy when he plays. He will growl and he might sound like he'll take your arm off. But, apparently it's more fun to gruff and growl when you play tug and wrestle with other dogs.

He's got a great grin. And of course, he's fast. Whizzer doesn't know the word "easy" yet. Some dogs will run at you and stop. Whizzer keeps right on coming - cause he's excited! He was very excited in the house as well, but he'd probably never been in one before. That will pass when he's used to being in a house. And with a little work, he'll learn to settle down around people. I wouldn't have him around little people until he learns manners. He might knock them over. All in good fun and/or by accident, but the little person might not think it was fun.

He doesn't like going into a crate, but once he's there he doesn't make a peep.

He'll need someone who's very active or has another playful dog to keep him busy. Whizzer will make someone a great buddy.

Whizzer is currently in the care of the Cecil County SPCA in Chesapeake City, MD. For more information about adopting Whizzer, please call 410-398-9555 or 410-885-2342 or email cecilcountyspca@verizon.net.

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