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C'mon - you know you want to take me home!

Hi, Iím Buster! Iím a puppy. Probably around 6 or 7 months old, and growing fast! My foster dad asks me how someone so cute, can look so serious. Umm, I dunno?

So, Iím cute. Iíve almost got this housebreaking thing down. The people left the door open, and I went out and went potty all by myself and came back in. I like to try and steal and chew on blankets and towels. Iíll pick up other stuff too Ė Iím a puppy Ė itís my job! But the people give me a toy when I steal something, and I'm happy to chew on it instead.

I loooooove to play with other dogs. I wrestle and chase. Iíll pounce and pounce and pounce at another dog until they play. There are some things I have to watch out for around here. Thereís this little ball that keeps trying to sneak up on me. I have to bark and pounce around it. I roll it around sometimes. Ya gotta keep these toys in line. Thereís a sneaky looking stump out in the yard that I donít trust either. I bark at it so it knows Iím tough. I donít seem too interested in birds. Although Iíve only done it once, I have a very good singing voice. I talk sometimes. Usually when Iím in my crate trying to be as pitiful as possible so the people will let me out. I donít like to go in my crate, but Iím fine once Iím in there. Oh, I like people too. I like to get attention. When I get really sleepy, I might even curl up on a comfy lap.

So, you wanna play?

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