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Looking For My Forever Family

Since being in foster care, it was decided that the name Doc did not fit this handsome boy's personality so he got a new name. Doc is now affectionately known as Boomer. Along with a new name, he changed foster homes. He has been at his new foster home for a month now and has adjusted quite nicely.

Boomer is residing with four other dogs. Two Seniors and two adolescents who keep him busy playing and running around the yard. Boomer enjoys a good game of chase. He also enjoys balls that squeak. He will play keep away with his foster sisters. After a period of play, he will decide he has had enough and decide to investigate the smells in the yard. In the house, Boomer is much calmer than outside. His foster Mom has been working on his house manners. In the house, he enjoys chewing on bones. His only bad habits with the bones is if he does not finish the bone, he tries to find a place to hide it from the other dogs. His foster Mom has found bones stuffed behind sofa cushions.

When he first came to his new foster home, he did have some accidents. His previous foster home had worked very hard on house training issues. It is believed that some of the accidents in the new foster home were caused by the change in environment. He is now totally house trained. His first foster Mom also worked with him on the sit command. Boomer now sits on command. He has also learned the down command.

Boomer does not counter surf or pick the trash. If you open a clothing drawer and are not careful, he will attempt to steal a sock or two!! He is totally crate trained. He has the household routine down and now goes in his crate without being told. He spends his days crated while his foster family is out of the home at work. He also eats his meals and sleeps in his crate. When he finishes his meal, he patiently waits to be allowed back out. You never hear a peep out of him. The only time that he barks is when he is trying to entice his foster sisters to play.

He is a real love bug and enjoys having his ears scratched. He will sit for hours and let you pet him if you have the time. He also loves car rides and is a good passenger watching out the window as the world goes by.

Although Boomer is quite content in his foster home, he would really like a home to call his own. Could that home be yours?

For more information about adopting Boomer, please fill out a PRO Adoption Form and someone will contact you soon.

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