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Brock Needs a New Home

BROCK is an ~2 year old, 45 pound black and white English Pointer. Brock has had a tough life--he wouldn't hunt, so he was discarded at a southern shelter where he lived for a year; a local person adopted him, but Brock was again left at a shelter--this time in the Albany area.

Despite his background, Brock remains a happy, optimistic boy--he loves to play with other dogs, but may be too playful for most cats. He can be shy in new situations, but that is to be expected given his prior life, he didn't get much of a chance to experience the world. Because of this, we feel that small children would overwhelm him. He is crate trained and learning new things every day! A kind, loving person looking for a loyal, playful companion would do well to give this handsome, friendly boy a second look.

Please read some of our general policies below--most questions will be answered here:
1) Pets can be seen at pet adoption clinics or BY APPOINTMENT TO APPROVED APPLICANTS ONLY. The first step in the adoption process to submit an application. Application, clinic schedule/directions and general adoption fee schedule (exceptions noted in pet's description) are at www.capp-petplacement.org.
2) If you live outside our placement limit of an hour's drive of Albany, NY and there is no exception to placement distance in a pet's description, please look elsewhere.
3) For the safety of the dog and children, we DO NOT place senior dogs or dogs under 35 pounds in households where children under 8 years old either reside or visit frequently.
4) Note that, unless we have prior records on a particular pet, ages, grown weight for puppies, etc. are estimates only.
5) We don't have the resources to respond to casual inquiries--serious inquiries only, please! If you are interested in a CAPP pet, read "CAPP's Program" page on our web site which fully explains our adoption process or attend a pet adoption clinic and talk to our volunteers.

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