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Adam Is Ready For His New Home

ADAM: Liver and white, neutered male, up to date on shots, heartworm negative and on preventative looking for a long term relationship with my very own family. I am about 2 years old, very affectionate, adorable, and handsome. I like the outdoors, taking rides in the car, playing with my tennis ball, looking for things to hunt in the yard. I am not your usual bird dog, because I like to hunt anything including butterflies. I even watch the planes fly overhead hey they sure look like a bird. I do not counter surf, jump fences, dig (only a little when I find a good piece of bark), or jump on people sounds to good to be true, but I am being honest. I must tell you that I am a little shy and can be timid around new people or if there is a noise I am not sure of I do like to get back in my crate where I feel safe. Now this does not last very long and if I like you and you are patient I come out very quickly. It just takes me time to get to know you once I do you will be able to pet me as much as you like and I will not complain. I do like to talk not really bark just kind of howl when it is feeding time or I am very excited to see you. My foster Mom talks to me all the time and so does Jack my foster brother. I like him and we play all the time and he has taught me so many good things like where we go to the bathroom. I am housebroken, but did have an accident in the house and Jack squealed on me so I did not do that again. I do need more training on lead, but that is only one fault and if you are willing to work with me I will try to learn that stuff. If you are interested in meeting me talk to my foster Mom she thinks I am wonderful.

FOSTER MOM: I have had Adam for about 6 weeks. When he arrived he was frightened of just about every thing. I am not sure if this was from abuse or not being socialized, but like all pointers he could not resist love and affection. Adam has an outside pen where he can play with his tennis ball, he is learning to give the ball back, but loves to tease you and keep the ball just out of reach so we are working on the give it command. He has pretty good recall and is quite intelligent. He loves routine I think it gives him comfort to know what is going to happen next. I do walk him in the yard at least three times a day and he looks forward to this adventure. He was not comfortable with a lead at first, but now sees the lead and runs to the front door for his jaunt in the yard. Adam will need someone who is patient and one who will give him time to adjust to new surroundings. It really is interesting that some noises bother him, but I can vacuum his crate while he is in it and he does not show any signs of distress. I gave him a bath outdoors and he was comfortable. Cutting his nails was on ordeal, but he was ok with it once he knew he would not be harmed. Adam has not shown any aggression at all either with my others dogs or people who have visited. This dog may have shyness issues, but he will make someone a great companion. I would recommend that an adopter continue using a crate and I would recommend he be in a home with older children because of his shyness.

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