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Katie Needs Someone to Love

Katie was taken from her owner due to neglect and demodectic mange and is currently being treated. She will be spayed and vaccinated when her treatment is done (she has one treatment remaining).

She crates well, but housebreaking has been an issue. She is good with other dogs, but takes proper introductions for her - she can act dominant but has never attacked another dog. She has little manners (working on this) and will submissive pee sometimes when meeting new people.

She was put to an outside kennel as a pup after becoming a nuisuance in the house. She has been in her foster home for approximately 2 months. She is a smart and sweet dog but would need someone who knows the breed to understand her. She had no puppy socialization, so getting her to understand and accept others is all new to her, but she has the ability and at her foster home has been able to be with other dogs.

For more information about giving Katie the loving home and family she deserves, please contact Tana. Katie is located in Carneys Point, NJ.

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