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Star of the North

My name is Star. I was rescued by my foster dad. He was guiding at a hunting preserve one day and found me on a tie out behind the truck of my old dad (He wasnít really much of a dad). I was there to hunt for my old owners but I was really in no shape to be out hunting. My old owners did not like to feed me much or keep me in very clean conditions. My new Dad seen what kind of shape I was in and asked what was going on, to my great relief, My old dad just said take her, I donít want her anymore, ( I told you he was not much of a dad). My new foster Dad did not hesitate and took me home immediately. My new foster dad says I am 4-5 years old. I have since been taken care of and am feeling like a new dog. I did have a problem with hook worms and am currently finishing my treatment. I am not house broken as I have spent my entire like outside in a kennel. I am somewhat crate trained, If I am not in my crate for no more than 4-5 hours I am good. I do have a little trouble making it through the night in my crate sometimes, but I am trying really hard to work on that.

I love to hunt, a month or so after my foster dad rescued me he took me out to the field to see what I could do, I think I surprised him. We hunted for about 45 minutes, I found and pointed 5 chuckars, and retrieved 4 of them (only 4 because my foster dad missed one of them). I do need to be steadied up. I do break on the flush, but I am really trying hard to learn that it is much safer if I stay until I am released. Please be patient with, it may take awhile, I have very soft feelings, so correction can sometimes be difficult for me. I really like it with my foster dad, but I know it is only temporary. I am really looking for a forever home. I promise, I will love you as much as you love me.

Star is a very sweet loving dog. She is bit soft. I believe her prior owners were a little heavy handed. She is good around other dogs, she is not dominant, however if a dominant dogs pushes too hard, she will stand her ground. I think she will make someone who is willing to spend a little time with her, a really nice gun dog or family pet.

John Staton
Staton Gun Dogs
102 Glory Lane
Greentown, PA 18426
570-857-7037 Home
570-470-8770 Cell

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