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Domino will Dance for You

We have been fostering Domino at our pet lodge for over a year. She was found wandering on a road in Douglasville and given to us (through the Douglas County Humane Society) to recover from heartworm treatment. We have been trying to find a good home for her, but have been unsuccessful so far.

She was heartworm positive in January 2008 when we got her. She went through the treatment with no problems (didn't cough at all) and was negative on her most recent visit in May 2009. We do believe she would attempt to escape (by digging) from any home where she is left alone in a backyard with no other dogs or people. Other than that, she's a terrific and happy dog. She loves to run and enjoys lots of attention.

She loves to run up and down the aisle checking out all the other dogs whenever she goes outside. You're probably familiar with the funny little dance she does, jumping around and slapping her front feet on the floor. It's so cute! She's such a sweet girl. She really deserves to be in a loving home.

For more information about adopting Domino, please contact Tina or Gary Wellborn at the Beechwood Trails Pet Lodge 7777 Capps Ferry Road, Douglasville, GA. Please call 770-577-7829 or email tina@beechwoodtrails.com.

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