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Westin Needs Your Help

Wes is such a pleasure to have around and is an easy keeper! I receive compliments on his handsome appearance and/or manners during our frequent walks in the park. Wes's house manners are good. He is very calm in the house unless it is feeding time or when I come home. He does not beg at the table and stays off the furniture unless you allow him on a couch or bed. He does enjoy laying on my bed and a pillow I gave him, he just likes soft things. He is crate trained and stays in his crate when I go to work. He enjoys his crate and never has an issue going into his crate. Wes favorite things are chewy bones! He would do best in a house with a fenced yard because he really enjoys running, pointing, and smelling. Wes gets along well with other medium and large dogs and would enjoy having a playmate. Because of Wes's history of frostbite, he needs to be an in and out or an inside dog.

Wes is definitely a pointer and is great at pointing birds, squirrels, and rabbits. While Wes can be anxious during storms, he is not gunshy and loves fireworks. He would probably be very trainable for the field as he is smart. Wes appears to have had some training in the past and has good recall skills when he is in a fenced environment. Wes is a ranger and would need a knowledgeable trainer to work with his bright mind and birdy tendencies.

Wes has basic obedience skills and knows some commands. He is treat motivated and picks up on skills quickly. His leash skills are not perfect, but usually does not pull excessively. I take him running with me and after several miles he is still game for more as he is an athletic (and fit) dog.

Please consider Wes. He is looking for someone to love, please let it be you.

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