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Jiggs Needs a New Home

Jiggs is a sweet girl who loves to cuddle on the couch. She is very playful and enjoys a moderately active lifestyle. We have spent many weekend days hiking with Jiggs. She hikes well off-leash (in off-leash permitted areas). She also enjoys taking long walks and jogs through our neighborhood and walks well on her leash. She loves to go to the dog-park where her favorite game is finding another dog to play "chase-me" with! She likes to wade through shallow water, but doesn't enjoy swimming.

Jiggs needs some special care and is looking for a very special person who can give her the attention she needs. Jiggs does not do well with young children and can not live in a home with young children. It is this reason that we are forced to surrender her. She has shown some aggression towards our one-year old son. Jiggs is a nervous and anxious dog who tends to frighten easily (thunderstorms, fireworks, balloons). We have worked with a veterinarian at the University of Minnesota who specializes in behavior issues. We have learned appropriate behavior modification techniques that have helped Jiggs work through her anxiety. We are heartbroken to surrender her but we know it is too much of a risk to keep her in our home with our son, especially as he becomes more mobile.

Jiggs will do very well in a home with no children or older (12+ years) children. She can be around younger children with constant supervision, but should not go to a home where young children live. She gets along well with other dogs and could go to a home with other dogs. She has lived with a cat before, but might do best in a home without cats.

Jiggs is strictly an indoor dog. She enjoys spending time outside in warmer weather, but she is not used to being left outside alone for long periods of time. This is especially true in colder weather. She gets cold very quickly!

Jiggs is very friendly and loves people. She is the type of dog that won't leave your side. Jiggs is a wonderful, sweet, loving, fun dog who loves to be the center of attention! If you have ANY questions about Jiggs please feel free to contact us at jenniberg82@hotmail.com. Jiggs is located in Minneapolis, MN.

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