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Laid-back Dude

Meet Remy! Remy is a very sweet and laid back boy who is only about six months old. Remy is one of four litter mates, formerly known as Oz.

In just a little over a week since being here he has been trained on the invisible fence and how to sit. He is pretty much potty trained and has only an occasional accident. When you call his name he will come running. He seems to be very smart and learns quickly. We are very proud of him, has learned a lot in a very short period of time!

He is still learning about walks; there are a lot of scary things out there, trash cans and cars driving by, but I know in time he won't even notice them. Remy does get excited when he sees his leash!

A little more about his personality! He is a little timid, but as he gets used to things he will do better. He loves to be held, cuddled, and have tummy rubs. He is so sweet, I do not think his feet hit the floor for the first several days when he arrived.

Remy loves to go out and play fetch and will bring back the ball every time. He also likes to play fetch with the resident pointer. He helps our dog bring the toy back and then engages in a tug-of-war. I'm not sure Hank always enjoys the game but it makes for a good laugh.

If you are looking for a sweet, lovable cuddle bug who is very laid back Remy is your guy, so check him out and maybe even fill out a PRO Adoption Application.

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