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Touched By An Angel

Hi! Iím Puppy!! Puppy, puppy, puppyyyy! Just call me and I will romp right over to you and wiggle, wiggle, wiggle. I am a very young girl born in mid February and got off to a rough start. Luckily I found my way out of the shelter and get to stay at this really neat place where there are other dogs here that look just like me, but A LOT bigger. Along with her help, foster Mom says they help me learn my manners and what I can and canít do. I require a lot of attention and time right now because I am so little. I am a very brave girl and not really afraid of anything. There are kids here that I love to run after and follow around. They even have this big thing of water here called a pond that I am very curious about. I am a quick learner and love to fetch and retrieve all of the toys here. I am learning all kinds of things like to come when called, how to walk on a leash and not to nip. After just a little protesting, I will settle down nicely in my crate or the xpen when Mom canít keep an eye on me. I like to go, go, go and am VERY active. Foster mom says I am a handful, whatever that means. I am getting good food here and am growing every day!! We get to go to a lot of places and meet new people. I keep hearing foster Mom say something about socialization and how important it is for me right now.

ďPuppyĒ is one tough girl. As the lone survivor in a litter of ten, she has challenged fate and won. She and her parents were surrendered to the animal shelter to avoid animal neglect charges. For some reason she was separated from her mother, who went on to be adopted. Luckily a rescue volunteer came to her aid and sprung her out of the shelter and into Pointer rescue. Due to poor nutrition, her front legs are bowed, but since being fed a good food, they seem to be improving after just a few weeks. If that wasnt' enough for this little one, shortly after coming into foster care she came down with Parovirus and spent a few days at the ER vet. She has made a full recovery and is ready to wiggle her way into her forever home. She is a VERY energetic girl and requires A LOT of attention Her ideal home would be an experienced dog home who is PATIENT and FAMILIAR with all of the responsibilities that accompany raising a very active puppy.

For more information about adopting this little bundle of cuteness, please fill out a PRO Adoption Form and someone will contact you soon.

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