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Looking for My New Home

Piston was found running the streets of Louisiana.

Piston is a big puppy. We guess him to be about a year and a half old and he loves everything! He loves people (especially men), he loves dogs and loves life.

We do not see any baggage from his previous life. He is potty trained, crate and kennel trained and quickly learned to use (and love) the dog door. He doesn't try to jump his 4 1/2 foot fence, does not dig (but a tiny hole to bury his bones). He's learning better manners and no longer counter serfs or jumps on people. He knows how to sit, comes when called and loves his leash. He's a good eater and has no aggression with his food or toys.

So what negatives does Piston have?

Well, honestly not a lot. He is still a puppy and loves to put his mouth on things. While he hasn't touched things like furniture he does like to relocate things out the dog door and into the back yard (Shoes/Towels/dog toys). He's learning what is his, and is quickly learning his toys are fun, my shoes are not. He's a typical pointer teenager with lots of energy, but calms down nicely in the house after out playing. He can be a little rough playing with other dogs, but his foster brother gets after him when he's too rough and he respects him and his space.

Piston does have the potential to be a hunting partner. While he has not been "tested" he does have a beautiful classic point. He stalks and points at anything that flies and seems to have a pretty good nose. He did not appear to have fear from the distant fireworks on the 4th.

For more information about adopting Piston, please fill out a PRO Adoption Form and someone will contact you soon.

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