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He's a Pistol!!

Pistol Pete is a straight shooter who wants nothing more than to shoot his way into your heart. When he first came to foster care, he was dubbed Pistol Pete the Petrified Pointer. After a mere two weeks in foster care, this handsome boy is coming out of his shell. He loves nothing more than pets and attention from his foster family.

Pistol Pete was found as a stray in Florida and spent some time in a temporary foster home where he was kept outside in a kennel. He is now a house dog who is learning all about appropriate house manners. Pete is a puppy in an adult dog body!! He can be found stealing towels and throw rugs. Once he steals these items, he loves to run through the house in a game of catch me if you can. He is learning to trade these forbidden items for tasty treats. He is also a professional counter surfer who is learning the off command. Pete no longer has accidents in the house. He is crate trained. He is crated when his foster family is unable to supervise him, to sleep and for meals. Pete does very well in the crate. His foster mom is using positive reinforcement training to teach Pistol Pete basic obedience commands and house manners. Pete is a smart boy who is a fast learner.

Pete does well with other dogs. He is currently residing with two resident English Springer Spaniels and does very well with them. He has also been attending dog daycare to further develop his doggy social skills and provide a venue to expend some of his considerable energy.

Pistol Pete would love nothing more than to have a home to call his own. Could that home be yours??

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