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Stewart Needs a New Home

Hi, I'm Stewart. I am an energetic guy who LOVES to play! I enjoy playing fetch especially with my soccer ball. I shake it back and forth really fast just to make sure it knows who's in charge. I also absolutely love to go on car rides. When I go outside I zoom really fast to the car and hope they open the door for a ride. Sometimes my foster mom opens the tail gate of the truck and I am just as happy hanging out there.

Have you ever heard of the dog park? It's a really cool place - it's a playground just for us dogs! At first it was a little scary; there were so many people and other dogs running around that I wasn't sure what to do, but I'm starting to warm up and play now and make some new friends.

During the day and at night I am able to be out of my crate since I am potty trained and I do not chew on anything in the house. I am very proud of myself for that. Did I mention that I also like to snuggle? At night I do my best to try and wriggle up on the bed with the people but they say I have to stay on my bed. Hey, a guy has to try!

Ok, now for that not so fun stuff about me. I am very afraid of thunderstorms. That is the only time I am excited to be in my crate! I usually know they are out there before my foster family. I am also very timid around men and would prefer a home where they would be calm and patient with me. At the dog park there was on older guy that I fell in love with. He was very calm and nice to me so I followed him around. I even let him pet me! Lastly, I like to have my foster mommy stay near me when I eat and go potty, but we are working on me being a little more independent.

So what do you think? If you adopt me I promise I will be your best friend and love you forever.

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