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Saved by the Bell


My name is Isabella. Foster mom named me that because I was ďsaved by the bellĒ. I guess I was pulled out of the shelter with only a few hours left. All I know is I was glad to get out of there! Iíve had a pretty rough past, but my future is looking bright thanks to Pointer Rescue.

I wasnít treated well before and was used to produce puppies and didnít have much of a life. But now Iím learning how to be a pet and I love it. Iím house-trained, love my crate, and am very sweet with people of all ages and sizes. I donít jump up on people and Iím very gentle with children. Foster mom says itís a testament to my breed that Iím so sweet and loving after all Iíve been through.

The vet thinks Iím only about 3 or 4 years old. Iím good with cats and horses and love to go for long walks. Iím very submissive and smart and I learn ďreal quickĒ according to foster mom. I have great natural pointing instincts and would probably make a good hunting dog if youíre into that.

I guess my only fault is that other dogs make me very nervous. I came from an over-crowded situation where I was having to fight for food and water and it traumatized me. So now Iím OK with other dogs as long as they leave me alone, but if they get in my face and I canít get away, I get upset. However, if I have a crate to run to, Iíd rather do that than argue. I donít want to argue, Iím just scared. If Iím out and about on a leash Iím polite and I donít lunge or bark at other dogs. Iíve been at my foster home for a few weeks now and I still am scared of the bulldogs here and donít really like them, but Iíve learned to relax and trust my fellow pointer foster sister Jill. Sheís nice and mellow and she gives me my space so Iím pretty happy to be in her company. Foster mom says Iím getting better every day, but Iíd probably do best as an only dog or if Iím going to live with another dog, it should be just one other dog and probably a neutral calm one that will give me my space until I learn to trust them.

If you think you might like to meet me, please fill out a PRO Adoption Form and someone will contact you soon.

Thanks for taking the time to read my story!


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