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Looking for My New Home

Meet Daisy-Mae. She is a 10 month old little lemon/white girl.

Daisy has taken really well to being inside. She is potty trained and will to go the door. If you aren't paying attention, she will come find you! She is quiet in her crate and kennel run. She loves the dog door, is good with other dogs and shows no aggression. She will wait patiently for her food (or yours). Daisy is submissive with her foster brother, but loves to play with him. She sleeps through the night on a pillow in our room.

Daisy wants to hunt. She loves to be outside chasing anything that flies. She holds a nice point, has a strong nose, with a bit of direction she could probably be a great bird dog. Currently she is unsure of loud noises - but we are working on her positive exposure to these things. Daisy is still a little shy around strangers and is still learning to walk on a leash.

Daisy loves the water. She loves to lie in her plastic pool, and isn't shy about playing in her water bowl.

Daisy is just a baby. She doesn't have any issues, just needs positive exposure to all her new things. She was not socialized as a small puppy and now has to catch up on her social skills. She is quickly coming to trust us and picks up on her training quickly. She is active, but is very calm in the house after playing outside.

Daisy will need a good size yard to hunt/play in. She would do best with a canine buddy to spend her days playing with. She doesn't test her 4.5 foot fence, even with chickens on the other side. She is gentle with toys and hasn't touched anything that doesn't belong to the dogs. She does like to carry socks around.

For more information about adopting Daisy Mae, please fill out PRO Adoption Form and someone will contact you soon!

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