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Jake Needs a New Home

Jake is a happy, loveable 5 year old boy.

Jake was given up by his owner in Oklahoma at the age of 4. His owner said he was his faithful hunter that he no longer had time for. Jake then spent 9 months in a kennel situation waiting for his PRO foster home. During his time there he got "happy tail". After months of smacking his tail against the kennel it was injured enough that it had to be amputated. He now looks like one of his German cousins. Jake is now a healthy, happy, vaccinated, neutered, microchipped boy that is ready to be part of a family.

Jake is potty trained, has great house manners and does not jump the fence (even with chickens on the other side). He must have been well socialized as a puppy as he really loves people and loves car rides. He is baby and toddler tested and does very well with them. Jake does need to be the top dog he is a male that leads those around him. He came into a house with another top male and they did work it out within a couple of weeks and now do very well together.

Jake spends most of his days out in the yard hunting the squirrels and the chickens. He then spends the evening crawled up on the couch with us with brief visits outside to scare the deer away. He enjoys the dog door and has complete access (while we are at work) to the yard and the house. He does like to dig holes to lie in, but we’ve had no issue fence jumping, digging out or house destruction. Jake doesn’t mind his crate, but has learned that his dog bed is a better place.

Jake would love to be a hunter. He holds a great point and seems to know Whoa and gets very excited at the sound of gunfire. He seems to be familiar with an e-collar, but I’ve not had him out too much on it. He has a soft mouth and several chickens have survived after he’s carried them around the yard.

So what’s Jakes downfall? He (like many) is a cancer survivor. He had several cutaneous skin cancer tumors removed. They weren’t big, but we wanted to catch them early. His images show that it is limited to the spots on his legs we had removed. He’s also had a heavy hand used on him, and does not do well with yelling.

Jake had been patiently waiting for a PRO foster home, and now he's ready for a permanent home. Jake will make someone a great companion. Be that a fearless hunter, or a loyal coach potato.

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