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Buck Needs a New Home

Buck is a very sweet lemon and white boy that was rescued from a shelter in Austin in June 2010. His prior owner said he was around 5 years old, though the shelter and vet thought he was older. He had torn his ACL and required expensive knee surgery that his college-going owner could not afford. He impressed the veterinarian treating his pain with his extremely friendly and gentle nature.

Buck seems to like everyone and everything, though I have not put him to test with my landlordís chickens. He is sharing a house with several pointers, a very cranky senior terrier mix, and a cat and has had no problems getting along with any of them. He meets everyone new with a wag.

Buck is a boy who wants to be with you. His recall is excellent and he is not a pointer that will be taking off to explore the countryside and get lost. He does like to investigate, but he is always watching for his person. He really just wants to be loved and to be safe. As an aside, he feels safest and most happy in the car. He loves to travel! He is a bit strong on the leash, but is receptive to training.

Buck was reported to have been an excellent hunting dog for several years until one day he was not hunting as well (probably because he was beginning to have knee problems) and his owner at the time gave him to a young friend who was quite fond of Buck. He was devastated when Buck was injured.

Buck had extracapsular surgery in mid-June. He is still considered to be in recovery (it is currently the end of November 2010), but he is doing well to date. His best chance for a long term recovery will be with long walks several times a day while is continues to gain strength, at least for several more months. He should not do any fast changes on uneven terrain, etc. This leg will be subject to reinjury if he twists it in the wrong way for the next few months. He is currently on fish oil and Glycoflex III to help with joint lubrication. It would be best for him to stay on these permanently since he will be prone to arthritis in his knee.

Buck, like many dogs, is scared of storms. He is on medication to help him not be stressed when he is alone and scared. Behavior modification to increase his self-confidence will help him.

Buck was evidently kenneled at some time in his life because his teeth show signs of pulling on chain link. They are very broken and will be in need of attention once that is possible.

Buck needs a home, either foster or forever, where he can get the individual love and attention he needs and deserves. If you think that home may be yours, please click on the link below for more information.

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