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She's So Sweet!

Sweet Pea was surrendered in June to the Canyon Lake Animal Shelter in Texas. The owner stated that her adult daughter would not allow her grandchildren to visit her if the dog was there. From what I understand, the dog had not been around the children. Although a no-kill shelter, they were immediately concerned because Sweet Pea was shutting down and would have possibly have a lifetime of misery in a kennel at the shelter. She was afraid and cowering.

Sweet Pea is in need of a foster parent so she can have an appropriate place until she is adopted. She is a very mannerly girl and completely housebroken. She does not jump on the furniture, has had no accidents even when her current foster mom is gone for very long time periods, is crate trained, and is generally very sweet. She has shown no tendencies of sensitivity to noise or thunderstorms, etc. Sweet Pea has adapted to living in very tight quarters with 3 other pointers, a terrier mix, and a cat. She does have a tendency to low growls at times when approached by some of my dogs, but so far when challenged by the other dogs, she cowers and backs down and appears submissive. I have had no fights. She is somewhat hand shy, but has really blossomed since I pulled her in June. She will fetch as long as you will throw a toy and if no toy is available, will go pick up a rock or something and bring it to you. She has shown a bit of fixation on my landlord's chickens, but they are contained and she physically would not be able to jump the fence.

Sweet Pea is not a barker or whiner. Lately, she has really tried to engage a few of the other dogs in play, which she did not do to begin with. She is also more demanding of my attention and will paw at my arm for pets. She appears to be better with males, but again, I have had no fights, just low growls from her towards the other dogs and that is sporadic.

Sweet Pea has good teeth and appears to have been well cared for. She does have femoral head deterioration in both hips which we are currently treating with Glycoflex III daily and Rimadyl, occasionally. This will progress over time. Currently, she can still run and play, but it is noticable that she has some looseness in her hips and a little muscle loss. Gentle excercise would undoutably help. She is a good apartment dog as long as she gets to go on walks or runs in a dog park and have short times of fetch. She deserves a great home after having to give hers up after eight years.

Sweet Pea is in a temporary foster home, and needs a new foster home or a permanent home. If you are interested in fostering Sweet Pea, please fill out a PRO Volunteer Form and indicate your interest in fostering Sweet Pea.

For adoption information, please complete a PRO Adoption Form and someone will contact you soon!

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