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No Flash in the Pan!

Hi, I am Flash. I am three years old, and a wonderful companion because I love to have a good time. I am crate trained and I have never had an accident in the house. I will bark if I really need to go out in the morning. I love my foster brothers and sister and I adore tag, ball and all sorts of toys. I am always up for laying a game or tug of war. I love the cats also, I even ignore the one with an attitude I come when I am called and I usually hang close for instruction when we are in the yard. I am young so I prefer a safe fenced yard where I can run steam off daily. My foster mom requires the fence to be higher than 4 feet or to have an internal safety fence of hot wire as I am a tall boy and can clear a four foot fence with ease. Another area of concern is that I cannot be free fed as I have a tendency to bolt my food. I would also do well as an apartment dog if my owner was committed to long daily walks with me.

I am quite calm when I get enough exercise, and I will share pillows to sleep with my people. I donít hog the bed either. Mom has a concern about my safety with a four-foot fence as I am very agile I would be a great candidate for agility or for a jogging partner. I enjoy being with my people. I am fine with all animals but I am very much a companion dog and I enjoy just relaxing and watching TV next to my person.

I would do well with older children, I am just a little too active for young children right now. I walk well with a pinch collarand I love agility equipment if someone has a desire to compete in agility. I have a beautiful point but as to what hunting commands I know, I am untested, but I am not gun shy.

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