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Now I Have Hope!

Hope is a sweet young lemon and white pointer girl who has come back from the very brink to become a wonderful young lady looking for a forever home.

We think she is VERY young. 18 - 24 months but the vet put 3yrs on her paperwork. She still has some puppy activity in her but in less than a week she has settled in beautifully. We have crated her from time to time for feeding and she doesn't make a peep. She is also kenneled in our boarding kennel and again, she lays down and doesn't make a peep. Hasn't offered to climb a fence or dig out when put up. She has done some digging after our pocket gophers around here but we live in sand and digging is hard to resist. Especially when you have gophers taunting you! We have yet to shoot around her but will try to get that done to see what she thinks about it.

SUCH a sweetheart. But what would you expect from a Pointer that has been starved and shunned left standing on the street without a crumb? But of course to forget all that and show you how appreciative she is to have food and shelter.

We have cats that she wants to play with but they won't oblige her and so she soon gives up.

If you would like to add Hope to your family (and who couldn't use a little Hope in their lives?) please contact jillianhrubetz@yahoo.com. Hope is currently living in Stockdale, TX.

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