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Nellie Needs a New Home

Nellie just recently came to her new foster home in Ohio and is doing well with the other dogs especially the young pup whom she loves playing tug of war and chasing toys. She is only a bit food possessive at feeding time which may be resolved in time, but is currently fed separate from the others.

Nellie is very playful and loving with her foster parents. At play time she is excellent at retrieving balls. She is estimated to be 2 years old, is heartworm negative, current on her shots, just recently spayed and is crating well at night.

Her foster dad wants to try her out on quail soon to see if she has had any prior hunting experience and how birdie she might be. Updates will follow!

Her house manners are good since she is past the puppy stage in her life, no chewing or destroying of any shoes and so far she has not wanted up on the furniture! Nellie would be best in home where she could have a fenced yard and have opportunity for exercise. Her foster family is still learning about Nellie, so check back for updates.

Update 2/2/11: She is no longer showing any food aggression at all. I think after just a few weeks she realized no one was going to take her food from her. She now is quite the cuddle bug in the evenings with us finding a comfortable spot on the couch and loves giving kisses. As playful as she is with all our dogs she would do best in a home with another young dog as a playmate, otherwise she would be lonely. She is a great retriever and has good agility. Good candidate for someone who wants her to be a frizbee player. We did expose her to a quail in a release trap. She was curious but it does not appear she had any formal training.

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