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What a Handsome Boy!

Bud is the most beautiful liver and white pointer estimated to be 4 - 6 years old. He has big sad eyes and big droopy lips. Bud was found with a piece of chain around his neck. It appeared that he has lived most of his life on the end of a chain. He was in very poor shape when he was found but is slowly gaining weight and is very healthy. Unfortunately, Bud spend 6 months in a kennel before finding his way to his foster home. He loves to be close to his human companions and enjoys cuddling on the couch or playing ball outside in the yard. He is awesome at "fetch" and loves to try and catch the ball in mid-air and will consistently bring it back and drop at your feet to throw again. He is very good at recall and is learning to walk well on leash. He is quickly learning his basic commands and is completely housebroken. He gets along well with the two dogs that he is living with but he would rather follow around his human companions than play with the dogs. It appears that he must have spent a lot of time alone as he is very good at occupying himself with a ball or toy for hours. It is so cute to watch. Bud is truly a "good" boy who is very eager to please and will make a very loyal companion for a loving family.

Bud is good with our cat,and was tested with a gun fired in the field and he loved it and must of done it before because he stood still and searched around to see where the kill was. Then he searched all over to find it!!

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