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Forbin Needs a Family

'Forbin' loves to run in wide open spaces and woods. He is initially shy in new environments but adapts quickly. He is sensitive to loud noises such as thunder & lightning and fireworks, so we assume he may also be intolerant of loud gunfire. He may be O.K. with .22 or pellet guns, we don't really know. He is best confined in a crate or small room during thunderstorms.

He loves to chase squirrels and other game. He will point and hold on any game he is stalking. Doesn't bark much, but he will bay like he's a hound dog if he gets excited. He will dig under fences and can open gate latches if he wishes to get out.

He is completely house broken and would make a good indoor pet if he is provided with sufficient opportunity to run around in open spaces outside. Gets along very well with children and other dogs and is passive/non-aggressive. He will chase cats unless they don't run. He will listen to commands unless he gets fixated on game.

We think this dog could be trainable for someone who has more time and better methods than we do. We would just like to find him a good, loving home in a suitable environment.

For more information about adopting Forbin, please contact gmiller66@comcast.net or call 850-766-3152. Forbin is located in Talahassee, FL.

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