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Bess is the Best!

Bess is a beautiful, large (55 lb.) liver and white pointer who was turned in to the Bainbridge, GA animal shelter by her owner in November 2010, reason is not given. She is listed with a birthdate of 11/29/08 but not sure that' s right--I think that is exactly 2 years prior to her give-up date and is approximate. She was transported here to Louisiana by Pilots and Paws and has been here since mid-January. She hit the ground running! She has been a joy to foster, happy and active and friendly. She gets along beautifully with her three fat large mixed breed foster sisters and her foster pointer brother, Scout. She and Scout romp and play all the time. Bess loves people and she often returns to me if I'm around to put her paws around my neck (she is tall and she doesn't mind a bit standing up and hugging me and being hugged and never seems to tire of being up on hind legs like that.)

Bess was spayed on 1/31/11 and the vet thought she was younger than she is. The vet says her teeth look great! Bess eats really well and she really likes dog biscuits and she ate her Heartgard tablet greedily.

Bess responds easily to "kennel up" when it's quiet time or when it's time to go to sleep. She sleeps from 10pm to 7am in the crate without a peep.

Bess has a soft silky coat and she loves her ears rubbed, which I love to do because she is very receptive. Bess likes to chew rawhides but she hasn't chewed up the blanket in her kennel. She is respectful of the gate when I go out of the yard and does not try to leave with me.

I've taken Bess to the dog park and she is reticent about going in at first. Once coaxed in (not hard to do, just making sure she comes in when the other dogs walk in with me, but she holds back a little) she stays near me and wants a hug. In a few minutes, though, she is off running with the rest of the dogs. She isn't as interested in birds as some pointers I've seen, so I can't say she would be a hunting dog. She likes people, even people she doesn't know, but I have seen her shy away when a man reached out to her and then, once she figured out all was well, move in to be petted. I think she had been disciplined harshly by a male at some point, but it hasn't affected her ability to relate to people when she realizes there is not going to be a problem.

I have three cats who hang around and Bess seems oblivious. She also seems very comfortable with children at the dog park but doesn't pay a lot of attention to them, either. Because she is large and strong I think she would not be good with a toddler, but I have no problem recommending her for children who like dogs and I'll bet she'd run and play with them.

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