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Say Hello to Macy!

Macy is a very sweet lemon and white girl that was rescued from a Georgia shelter in January 2011. She was picked up by the shelter as a stray and stayed there until she was past her euthanasia date and rescued.

Macy adores people and is very outgoing. She loves to play with other dogs, and will play and run for hours on end! Macy is ALWAYS happy and wagging her tail. The only time she isn't "grinning" is when she is pointing birds!

Macy is doing well with house breaking and crate training. She can have a few vices like digging, unlatching gates, and climbing; but these are easily controlled by supervised outdoor time and plenty of exercise. She does fine with small dogs. She has not been exposed to cats or children. With her endless love of people, she should do well with older children that could handle her excitement and whole body wag!

Macy’s foster Dad is a hunting trainer. This is what he has said about Macy:

Macy is a very smart dog and one of the most easily trained I have worked with. She loves to be petted by anyone who will love her. She is happy to be in the house with people, especially snuggled on the bed. She has some hunting background - courses at a short range and will hold birds until you get there. She would be a perfect gun dog for an older gentleman as well as a loving pet for his wife (or vice versa ;)

A hunting home isn’t required, but because of her energy and drive. She needs plenty of exercise to keep her from finding her own ways of keeping busy!

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