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Jake is Ready for a New Home!

Jake was rescued from a shelter in Thomasville GA just as his time was running out and the shelter was going to put him down. Though very thin due to the meager shelter diet, Jake still weighed in at over 50 lbs. He's big-boned and a little clumsy in a cute sort of way. Jake didn't seem to know much in the way of house manners when he came to his foster home. The woman who got him from the shelter and sent him here said he was probably owned by one of the hunting plantations around Thomasville which each keep dozens of Pointers. She felt that he probably had never seen the inside of a house before.

Home life seems to suit Jake just fine. While crate trained, he can be trusted out of the crate at night. He has not been left uncrated while we're at work during the day. He is up to date on his shots, is eating well and gradually putting on weight. Jake has been eating Iams dry food mixed with Iams canned food. He loves a little cheese as a treat, though he's still trying to figure out how to chew up the cheese cubes. His ribs still show a little but that continues to improve.

Jake has been known to borrow clothes from the laundry room floor. He likes to grab a t-shirt or a sock to put in his crate. He doesn't damage them, just collects.

When called, Jake knows to come. He sits on command and he does well on a leash. After a few accidents in the house, he quickly learned to do his business outside. He's good around people he's just met, and is good with pre-teen children. We haven't had him around cats or young children at all.

Jake gets along very well with our Pointer Bonnie. They chase, wrestle and play tug-of-war. Jake is also perfectly content when Bonnie goes to her bed and he can be the only dog around for awhile. He loves to lean on people and furniture. He's very sweet and affectionate.

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