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Oliver Needs Help

Oliver was was a shelter stray in Kentucky, and arrived emaciated and with a broken rear leg. He was rescued and nursed back to health, but needed to be rehomed due to an overwhelming number of dogs at his foster home. His current foster home saw him and just could not leave him behind!

So the conditions he has been in for the past year were quite stressful. He was picked on by some of the 20 or so other dogs (he was not an insitigator) in the house so he was basically isolated. I am not sure he ever got time outside, even to potty. He did have a comfortable place to sleep, and plenty of food (he was free feeding).

He has been in his new foster home for a couple of weeks now. He gets along with (basically ignores) my senior lab (female) and has greeted politely the neighbor dogs we have met. I have cats and so far he has ignored them. He lifted his leg once in the house, but seemed to know it was wrong when I hollered. Not happened since then, but he has had limited access and I watch him carefully. He is confined to a laundry room when we are out and has not been destructive or pottied in there. He was crated for about 3 hours while we were transfering other dogs out of the "rescuers" house and slept the whole time. He seems fine with men (loves my husband) and women and met a child at the pet store and only showed mild interest. He does not jump up on people and is very calm inside. He did put his feet on the kitchen counter. Seems to understand "NO" but does not seem to have had basic commands. We are working on sitting for treats. No food aggression and has shown no interest in toys. He wanted to chew a bit on each bone he found in the toy basket but I could take it from him and he did not care when my lab took one either.

Oliver loves to be outside, and we are walking twice a day to get the weight down ( I dont have a fenced yard). He pulls moderately on a modified choke collar and I have not tried a gentle leader yet. He has no mobility issues from the broken leg.

At first I thought he was quite an old boy, but now I am not so sure. I think he was depressed when he arrived, and he is starting to feel more normal. He is being treated for an ear infection and I am going to try to get him to my vet this week to ask about a few other things (he quivers sometimes, and it does not seem to be fear or temperature related) His vet paperwork is not well organized but it looks like he is not up to date on vaccines. I was trying to give him a little time to settle in before that.

For more information about giving Oliver a new start in life, please contact Zoa with Worthy Tails Rescue at 717-606-3446 or zoakile@comcast.net. Oliver is located in Landisville, PA.

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