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I Need Your Help (and a Name!)

What a silly boy! :-)

This goofy young man was found wandering and taken in by a good smaritan. Here's what they have to report about him:

He gets along great with my dog and my mother in law's dog which is a bischon. We don't have cats, however there is one that runs around near my house. He hasn't hurt it as far as I know. I have a 7yr old little girl and the dog is very good with her.

He has been inside the house and hasn't pottyed. He is starting to chew on things now though. I gave him a couple toys and he has tried to tear them apart. He tried to grab the TV remote yesterday. He has snatched a bag of pine bedding I had in my hands when I was filling my daughter's guinea pigs cage while outside. We keep him outside more due to his size. He really loves to be outside. We have noticed him pointing to birds. He does bark. He is very playful. I personally think he is not quite 2yrs old due to the fact of him trying to chew on things and being so playful. My in laws think he is at least 4yrs old. His teeth are still white and don't have much on them. They are still pretty pointy.

When my mother in law found him he was so weak and his stomach was sunken in. They don't have any pictures of that. He was near our house curled up trying to keep warm. They asked the vet what they could do to help him. The vet told her to get hay to keep him warm outside. I think he smelled our dogs and that was why he ended up by our house. Our dogs are out all the time. We don't have a fence but the dog stays close to our house now since we have been taking care of him.

We need to find him a foster or forever home soon, as he can't stay where he is. If you are interested in fostering him, please fill out a PRO Volunteer Form and indicate your interest in fostering him.

For adoption information, please contact myaj6403@yahoo.com. This dog is currently located in Eastaboga, AL.

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