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Elvis is Alive!

Elvis was found running the streets and was taken in by a good samaritan. They were unable to find his owner, so they are looking for a great home for him to go to. Here's what his foster mom has to say about him:

I do not think he was an inside dog prior to coming to our house. Mostly because of his funny interest in our TV when it's on. He's kinda fascinated by it for awhile. Also, we know that he is probably scared of gun shots because of his reaction to them when we were watching a TV show about the Civil War and he jumped up out of a dead sleep on his dog bed and ran to his kennel - where he sleeps at night. When we first found him he also wasn't sure on how to get inside when a door opened out to let him in. He still gets it wrong about 25% of the time. He's really on the goofy side. He keeps us chuckling. And he's very, very loveable.

He's great with me and the kids. However, when my hubby corrects him sometimes he kinda cowers. Not all of the time, but sometimes. Which leads me to believe that he may have been abused by a male sometime in the past. One time my 12 year old daughter hugged his neck and he dove down, turned his face on the ground and put his hindquaters in the air. It was a very odd reaction. She hugs and kisses our terrier 20 times a day. She's not a toddler, so she's also gentle when she does it. But since he did that she has not hugged him on the neck again. On the other parts of his body - well, you absolutely can not pet him enough.

When I took him to the Vet there was a cat crying incessantly in a carrier and also the Vet's office cat on the sign in table. We sat in the waiting room for at least 10 minutes and Elvis ignored both of them. He only showed interest in meeting the other two dogs also waiting. He wants to play with Missy, but she is mostly a one dog dog and is not a player. She's just a lover. He does try to do everything that she does; and you can tell he wants to try to please you, too.

He is not neutered so that either means that he was bred or maybe the owner didn't care to spend that money? Our Vet prefers not neuter him till his heartworm treatment is over in mid May. Which I understand. Elvis is not wild, he's normally pretty calm but he does love his toys. We play fetch alot so keeping him calm and not playing is going to be a huge challenge for all of us. We have 1 1/2 acres of fenced in backyard and he runs and runs.

Unfortunately, one of the reasons why we can't keep him is because he can hop our metal fence. And has three times; luckily we knew right away when he went missing and found him at a few neighbors houses. On gorgeous days our terrier will go outside and stay outside for hours. In Memphis we will have several upcoming months of gorgeous days ahead. I hate the thought of having to keep him in his kennel.

For more information about adopting Elvis, please contact bindasmailbox-stuff@yahoo.com. Elvis is located in Memphis, TN.

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