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Jack Needs Your Help!

We've had Jack since the beginning of October. We have a friend that is involved with field training and he knew about Jack and that he was going to be put down if not found a home immediately. I'm not sure what his conditions were prior to living with us, but it's my understanding he was tied up outside and fed very little. Since living with us, Jack has been an inside dog. We had problems with him urinating in the house, but once we had him neutered it stopped. I have a 5 month old son, who he has shown no aggression towards and he gets along great with our other dog. I'm not sure how he is with cats. He LOVES to run! He chases squirrels and birds and has a great time outside. Having said that, he's torn up every outdoor cushion, mat and has dragged our gardening tools in the yard to play with. He thinks everything outside is a toy. My friend has explained that he had nothing to play with in his prior home. When we first got him, he didn't know how to play with toys, was very shy and it took him about a week before he relaxed.

Wherever he goes, he needs to have a fence and if possible, room for him to run. I'm able to keep Jack until you can find him the right home. I want him to go to the right place. He needs lots of love and patience. It breaks my heart to give him up because he's already had such a hard life, but I really feel that he deserves more than we can give him. He's a lover, snuggler and has lots of energy, he just needs land to expend some of that energy.

For more information about adopting Jack, please contact katielfitz@aol.com or call 901-491-1425. Jack is located in Memphis, TN.

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