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Phoebe is a Sweetie!

What is black and white and sweet as honey? Phoebe, the English Pointer. This young girl's life started out on the wrong paw, but she is now experiencing a dog's life as it is meant to be. She loves being part of the family and especially loves other dogs to play with. As a Pointer, she has incredible intelligence, speed and agility. Most importantly, she is naturally calm and respectful. Training as been a breeze with Phoebe. She is still getting used to the this big world so needs someone who can patiently show her the ropes and help her reach her full potential. In return, she rewards her leader with affection and gratitude. Phoebe truly is sweet as honey and ready to meet someone special to spend the rest of her life with. If you want to meet her, give her foster mom a call at 530-274-3353. You'll be glad you did.

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