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Levi's a Cool Dude

Yep, you found me, your new best friend. My name is Levi. I will put my happy ears on for you after I charm you with my wiggly butt and a snuggle nudge. Even though I start off shy, I warm up quickly as I learn to trust and gain confidence. So far, my foster dad has taught me so much. I come when I am called and sit when asked. With my intelligence and cooperative nature, the sky is the limit for my potential as a companion. If you understand English Pointers, you will quickly learn that I am a rare gem. And I sure hope you want me to help you find birds because that is where I can excel. Even if you do not want to hunt, we can still have fun hiking, biking or just hanging out on the couch. What ever you want to do, I want to be by your side because I will be your new best friend.

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