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Lady Needs a New Family

Lady was found in Belton, MO wandering. A kind young man started feeding and tried to find a rescue to take her in. Then he discovered that she was pregnant. He took care of her while she was pregnant and after the puppies were born but as he was moving into Kansas City, he knew he could no longer keep her. A rescue that I used to foster for stepped up and took her and her beautiful pups in. She was very used to wandering around in Belton and visiting all the neighbors (who actually really liked her - and she was fine with their livestock). When Lady came to my house, she was very clingy and nervous and very thin. The head of the rescue decided to pull her and take her upstate. After only 1 day, she decided that she did not like Lady and sent her to a foster home, who sent her back in one day. The rescue then put her in a kennel outside (and this was in November when it was cold outside and she was very thin). She kept escaping and finally - after selling her puppies - the rescue dumped her in a shelter. They neglected to inform the shelter that Lady will wander and she was adopted by a family who lived inside a city limits with very strict leash laws. Although Lady did wonderfully with the 3 little boys and the little dogs in the home, she kept escaping when the door was left open by inattentive children, and after bailing her out of doggy jail, they posted her on CraigsList where I recognized her and went and picked her up.

Lady is now about 1 1/2 years old. She is VERY friendly and gets along with other dogs. She LOVES children and she LOVES tennis balls (or actually any toy she can play with). She is high energy but not hyper. She does have a little separation anxiety but usually is not destructive with it (only one time did she did into the wall where a hole already existed. This never happened again). She LOVES to be outside and will wander if you let her loose. She always comes home. She has not jumped a fence so far but she has tried to dig under mine. She loves to run and will play games to get my larger dog (a 90 lb dane/lab mix) to chase her. She is quite spoiled and sleeps in my bed and on the couch too at times. With toys in the yard and in the house, she will entertain herself. She is mostly quiet but will bark when she sees something. She is a very gentle soul so yelling at her makes her afraid. She also does not like thunderstorms. She is getting used to car rides and handles them well. Lady is spayed, UTD on vaccinations, and will be HWT before she goes to her Furever home. She does know sit and she can catch just about anything you throw at her. The ONLY reason I am getting rid of her is that I am over my limit, and she really would be happier on a farm where she could run around outside during the day and be a cherished family pet at night. And a family with children would be wonderful for her. Her eyes get really big and she gets very excited when she even hears children.

For more information about Lady, please contact buster_501@ymail.com. Lady is located in Missouri.

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