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Watch Me Blossom

Blossom is a stray we took in over a month ago. She was undernourished and very sad, so we fed, loved, spayed and vetted her.

Socialization: When she first wandered into our yard, Blossom was afraid of all people and it took several days of moving the food bowl closer to the house to get her to come near. In a few short weeks, Blossom has completely gotten over her shyness. She now trusts and gets along with any man, woman, child or dog.

Behavior: Blossom is spirited but not hyper, running around like a nut with the other dogs but then calming down completely (to the point of falling asleep while sitting up) when the situation calls for calm. Although our vet, Dr. Andy Callaway, puts Blossom's age at around four years, it did not seem like anyone has ever spent time training her. However, she has an excellent attention span and is eager to learn and please. In the past two weeks Blossom has learned to stay, and wait patiently with our other two dogs at feeding and snack time. She jumped on people when she first came but we have been working with her and that behavior is almost gone. Although we are still learning how to "sit," we have mastered "stay" and are quite proud of our progress. Blossom embraces routine and the order and security it brings.

The other thing that I find amazing is her compliance. Blossom loves to be held and touched and will even let you remove a tick from her eyelid without flinching. When I hold Blossom like a baby she immediately relaxes in my arms, leading me to believe she has never been held or loved.

Medical: Blossom is up to date on all shots and was spayed on May 11. She is on Comfortis and has been treated with Advantix. She is HW negative and is on Interceptor (she comes with a six month supply).

Ideal Home: The ideal home for Blossom would have any combination of family members and dogs with a huge fenced yard to romp and play. The only concern I had was a few weeks ago when Blossom and our dog, Junior, began chasing our six kittens and I was not sure if they would hurt them. Junior is great with our cats but seemed to enjoy ganging up with Blossom and chasing them. However, since we have been working daily with her, Blossom has begun to ignore the cats on her way into the house at feeding time. I am beginning to think this may be something that can be resolved with training.

We are completely in love with this loving and very silly girl who smiles with her eyes closed and shows all of her teeth when you babytalk her. Just yesterday she started prancing like a little spotted fawn when you call her "Blossom Possum." She truly is a gem. I was executive director of a shelter in NJ for several years, and Blossom is definitely one of the most adoptable dogs I have ever seen.

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