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Dixie's a Sweetheart

Hi! Gotta dog that likes to play? I like to play! Maybe we could play together! That would be fun! I like to wrestle and chase.

Donít have a dog? Thatís ok, I like toys! I get soooo excited about toys. I will take one and do laps around the yard with it. They are so great! Woohooo! I love toys! Thereís different kinds too Ė thereís tennis balls and ropes and fuzzy things. Oh, oh, they gave me a rawhide thing the other day too. That was different. I chewed on it a good while. I donít chew on other things though. At least I havenít tried anything here yet.

The people left me outside for a while to play with the other dog. I ran around some, but also hang out by the door to see if the people will let me come in. They know I want there attention. I like to mess with them. As soon as they come outside to play, I run around the yard. Itís not so much being right with them, but knowing I can be. If the door is open, Iíll play outside with no problem.

Letís see, what else about me. Um, oh, Iím cute. My foster dad calls me Dixie Cup!

Iím not very big, maybe 40lbs, so just a little pointer. I like people. I like to sit or lie next to them. Getting scratches is good stuff! Iíll run and get things they throw for me, but I donít exactly fetch. I donít hold on with an iron jaw and Iíll let them take it from me.

Iím still learning some things. I get really excited and need to learn not to jump on people or over furniture or on the other dogs. Jeezz, itís hard. There are so many exciting things!

I am doing pretty good at house breaking, but still have an accident on occasion.

I wasnít thrilled about the crate, but Iím learning I get good things when I go in. I stay pretty quiet in it. I do talk sometimes. Not a lot, but Iíll give you a good rowrrrrorrrrooor once in a while.

Iím a bit of a nut, but thatís all about my energy level. As long as I can play and run, I will chill out in the house. Iím on the couch lying next to the lady right now being all relaxed.

So, ya gotta dog for me to play with? You wanna play? Maybe you could use a little snuggling on the couch? Iím ready, so what are you waiting for!

Dixie has been spayed, microchipped, and has had all vaccines.

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