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Have Some Faith!

Hi. This dog was at Decatur Animal Services in Decatur Alabama. She was brought in as a STRAY. She had been there 6 weeks and no one showed interest in adopting her.

She was to be put on the "Euth List."

She was losing weight due to not being fed enough. She had weighed about 37 lbs and when I pulled her she was down to 30 and very skinny. She was losing her energy. She was going 'downhill.'

She is a young dog! She is very sweet and gets along with other dogs, even when she is eating. She played with a 7 y/o child. She 'points' birds, geese, and squirrels. She was too thin to be neutered, but will be neutered once she gains weight.

We arranged for Pilots n Paws to pick her up from me in Decatur, AL, and "Faith" was flown to TN.

She is a nice, nice girl, moves nice, points, and will be pretty once she gains weight.

Faith was named by vote of the people who helped get her out of animal control. Shen did not try to climb fence or dig out. Only jumped on people to get petted; Not shy and not overwhelming...a tail wagger! Loves EVERYONE. Wanted to play with my dogs. I can put my hand in her feed bowl and another dog can eat with her as skinny as she is. Not a mean bone in her body.

Afraid of being in a house, I had to pull her in, so I doubt she is housebroken, but I bet with crate training & persistence, she will do well. Did not play with any toys, but would go look at them; just wanted to point birds - needs to be steadied.

This dog is going to make someone a great pet, but she is young & energetic. She might could be hunted. She will curl up and be a couch potato once she has had her run & play.

This is a sweet, sweet, girl.

For more information, please contact:

Donna York
Boarding 4 Rescue
251 Barnes Road, Cookeville, TN 38506

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