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Spencer is for Hire!

Since he was impounded as a stray we don't have any history of his past living situation. I can only tell you what we've observed since he arrived at our facility on 7/27/11. He's eager to please and easy to handle. He approached strangers without hesitation and likes to make new friends. He walks well on a basic slip lead and he will sit for treats although it's not an automatic response. He seems to understand the concept of heal although he's not very "snappy" about getting there. I have no way of testing him on birds (I would have at least tried the birds in our feeder if there were any out there today) but I was able to get a general idea of his previous training.

I tried for a "whoa" in a couple different circumstances and he seemed to understand what I was asking for. I told him "whoa" as he was standing, facing me, in the lobby of our clinic and I was able to back away 20 feet to the opposite side of the lobby. I repeated the command twice and kept my hand up, palm facing him, at about face height. He kept his feet planted until I released him with a loud and crisp "here". I also asked for "whoa" as he was off leash in our treatment room and approaching a kennel that has a tiny kitten in it. I asked for "whoa" when he was about two feet away from the kennel. He planted all four feet and held it until I called him to "here" after about 30 seconds. I did this again as he was approaching a dog's kennel and got the same result. He planted all 4 feet and remained still until I called him back to me with a loud crisp "here".

He doesn't have any objections to us handling every part of his body and face but we have no idea how he is with kids. For insurance and liability reasons children are not allowed to have any contact with the impounded animals in our care.

Spencer is light HW+, neutered and up to date on basic care.

Spencer needs a foster or forever home soon! If you are interested in fostering him for PRO, please fill out a PRO Volunteer Form and indicate your interest in fostering Spencer.

For adoption information, please contact:

Hillcrest Animal Hospital
1320 County Road D Cir. East. Maplewood, MN
(651) 484-7211

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