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Kate Needs a New Home

My story begins in a cornfield on a hot July afternoon. I was searching for food and very tired. It was obvious I had puppies but they were nowhere in sight. Every bone in my body was showing. I had only skin draped over my small frame. A rescuer drove by and was alarmed at my condition. She stopped and asked me to come to her. I did. I needed help. I was starving. The lady could not tell if I was still nursing babies because my milk was all dried up, yet she worried about taking me away from the road for fear IF there were puppies, they would die without me. She took me home and fed me well. Then we went back to the spot where I was found. Our mission was to find my babies. We stopped at every house to inquire about my pups and me. No luck. I went home with the rescuer and we returned the next day to try to bring my family together. This time we came to the right house. I rushed to my pups while the lady asked my master if she could help take care of us. She was worried about my emaciated condition. My owner said he was unable to care for us and had tried to give my puppies water hoping I would soon come back to give them milk. All I was trying to do was look for food so I could feed my babies. The rescuer arranged to take us all home. She gave my babies fluid, fed them goats milk, and bathed them. The very next day we all went to the vet. It took many weeks for me to truly overcome my malnourished condition. My puppies all grew up healthy ahd happy. They were all adopted to wonderful forever homes in the North.

My rescuer named me Peaches. My old name was Kate. Since I am smart, I caught on quickly that this name was mine and probably inspired by the colors of my coat, amber and white. I am smart and like to please my owner. I learn fast because you have my attention. I want to be with my "human". I was an escape artists at my old home. I dug out and could unlatch the gate to open my pen. My rescuer is careful with me but I have not wanted to leave this yard or my new home. I am a bit shy and may tremble until I know I am safe with you. I learn new words fast and like praise. I am good inside and can be redirected if I am making a mistake. Male dogs make me a little nervous. I am about two years old and I have been spayed and fully vetted. I would be a great inside pet and would need a fenced yard or large pen for when I am out. I love walking or jogging. Please keep a collar on me with a nametag at all times or get me a microchip. This will keep me safe. If you are looking for a loyal and loving companion who will alert you when strangers come around...I am your girl! (written by her rescuer and foster mom for two months)

My rescuer could no longer keep me until I find my forever home. I am with a nice group called Scotland Co Animal Advocates now. They helped my rescuer vet me and rehomed all of my puppies. I am now in a foster home with SCAA. It's my first day and I am a little nervous but I love the walks in the field and down the long dirt road. I love my crate and am as quiet as a mouse in it. I dont seem to mind the kittens in my foster home. I havent been introduced to the other dogs yet. I am looking for my forever home so I can really settle in and be loved by my own family. I know life is good and I just want to find someone to share the rest of my life! My new foster mom has noticed I respond to both names, Peaches and Kate...so she is calling me KATE. If you are interested in sharing a home and life with me please email Melinda at melindam@scotland.k12.nc.us

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