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Rufous Has a Wish

Dear Easter Bunny: Please thank your friend, Lady Lucky Dog, for finding a nice foster home for me. Here, I get to sleep inside on a warm bed in something called a crate, but I think it is just like a cozy den. With plenty of toys and food, I am finally living a happy life. And I am even rediscovering my natural desire to hunt birds without all the pain and pressure from the things that my previous owner did to me. My steadiness and recall training is coming right along because I aim to please. Now, I know it is early for Easter wishes, but I figure you are already back to work. All I want for Easter is a forever home with a family who will give me plenty of exercise, love and respect. A home with children would be great because I love children of all ages. And I would bet that I can love cats too . Right now, I am surrounded by kind people and good dogs who are teaching me to be a well-mannered family member. Once you find the right people for me, tell them that I will be their best friend forever just in time for Easter. With sincere thanks, your pointer pal forever, Rufous

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