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Luke is Ready for a New Home

Lucky Luke has THE softest fur of any dog I’ve ever met. He loves attention and will sit patiently by you waiting to be petted. He loves people and likes to curl up by your feet if you are sitting on the couch. Luke is a very happy dog and wags his tail ALL the time. Most of the time he is very calm and he has never jumped up on a person. He does get a bit excited if you have food and we are working on that, he has responded very well and will now respond to “Leave It” by moving away.

He likes to chew on Nylabones and will entertain himself by picking up and dropping a tennis ball or other toy. He also LOVES to play fetch. He is VERY soft mouthed and will retrieve a toy or ball again and again.

Luke is very respectful of the 3 resident dogs and likes to play and snuggle with them. Luke has mostly ignored my cat and he is the first dog I’ve had that doesn’t try to steal her food! Luke LOVES his crate. If you say “kennel” he will run right in. Most of the time he likes to be with people, but if things are busy around the house he will go take a nap in his crate on his own.

Luke is a very quiet dog, we haven’t heard him bark yet and he has only whined a few times (when he is playing). Right now he goes outside on a trolley and does well, we hope to train him to the invisible fence soon. I think he might need a fence at least 5-6’ tall though. This is only based on the fact that he jumped my very tall baby gate twice when I left him gated in my kitchen for around 5 minutes. Luke does pretty well on a leash and should be a pro in no time. He does not seem to know any commands like sit, down, or stay so we have been working on them. Luke is food motivated and wants to please so he should pick them up soon.

So far he does not seem to be gun-shy, he came over and sniffed a gun when I got it out of a cabinet and didn’t do anything when there were gun shots in the distance. We plan to test him more on that soon. Due to lots of rain we haven’t gotten Luke out to see if he can find any birds, but hope to do it soon. We did get out a pheasant wing to see how he would react and he got very excited and tried to get at it to sniff it. He seemed to know the word “Whoa” and stood steady even though he was clearly excited and wanted to take the wing.

Luke did not seem to be housebroken when we got him, but he learned very quickly. We hope that getting him neutered will help with the few accidents he is having. Luke seems to love kids, we have not seen him around kids younger than 9 yet, but since he is so calm and respectful I think he would do great with kids of any age. Luke seems to be a healthy boy, he does have some scars from his previous life (hunting dog?) and is missing the end of his tail. His ears and teeth look great and he is good for brushing/baths/teeth brushing/ear cleaning etc.

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