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Hi! I'm Boone, a liver and white English Pointer. I'm a tall, lean guy, about 65 pounds. I'm a very sweet, affectionate dog. I love to be hugged and petted. I'm very mellow and mild mannered, too. I'm in a nice foster home right now, but I need to find a permanent home as soon as possible. I'll let my foster mom tell you more about my situation.

Foster Mom Shelly: I recently adopted Boone from animal control because he is a sweet dog who had come down with kennel cough and apparently a foster home was not readily available. His card said he was owner relinquished because they moved into a new house and didn't have enough room for him. No other info was available, including whether or not he's been around children or cats. I decided to take him in, at least temporarily, so that he could regain his health (and not be put down). He is looking and feeling better already. Unfortunately, he is very interested in my cat--in a negative way. My cat is 14 and, though Boone is otherwise very gentle and sweet, that hunting instinct is still there, and I am not willing to risk my cat's safety to keep him. We live in a small house and keeping them separated long term is not possible. Boone would do best in a home without cats or other small animals. Boone was neutered Aug. 25, teeth have been cleaned, and Aug. 26 he tested negative for heartworm, Valley Fever, and Tick Fever. He is about 3 years old. He is housebroken and crate trained (but prefers the couch). He walks well on leash and knows "sit," "down," "off," "no," and "drop" (toys, etc.). I have not seen his reactions around children at this time, but he allows adults to tug and pull on him in every way. He gets along well with the other dog in the house. Typical of sporting breed dogs, he is intelligent, playful and juvenile, orally fixated, and can be periodically energetic. He needs plenty of exercise and an enclosed yard. If I did not have other small animals, I would keep Boone. He is a doll and will make someone a great companion.

If you are interested in adopting Boone, please contact me today at 520-730-4658 or LilAZwildflower@aol.com

Uploaded by Cherie Edwards on 09.26.03