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Emily Needs a Forever Home

Emily is a free spirit, she loves everything about life, one of those dogs that's just happy to wake up everyday! She loves balls, toys and especially tug toys. She will play tug, running tug with the other guys for hours. She is super crazy when she first gets up in the morning and when we first get home and let her out of her crate. She is very curious and notices anything new, new throw rug, new toys, etc. She can have bedding in her crate, and we always have hard bones or rawhide in it as well whenever we have to leave her in it. She tends to censor her play level to the dog she is playing with. She can be super rough, or fairly gentle. Whenever there is a strange dog introduced (friends' or family's dogs or fosters) she will sit one the porch steps and hover around the door. She is intimidated initially by new dogs and needs to warm up to them for a few hours indoors before she is willing to play outdoors with them.

We live in the country and have 2 indoor cats and she is typically pretty good with them. One is a little overbearing and she is fine with him. The other is skittish and tends to dart around unexpected and she will chase her until we scold her. She is very responsive to verbal corrections, but it doesn't really stop her from trying! We have two outdoor cats that showed up over the years that we feed and vaccinate, they sleep in crates in the house at night (they also don't use litterboxes or they would be indoor cats too) Emily doesn't care about them indoors in their crates, but when they are outdoors she is very interested in them and will occasionally run the fence when they are meandering around. I wouldn't say she shouldn't go to a home with kitties, but it would have to be with dog savvy cats and experienced folks.

Our pet sitter has a young son, five years old. Emily seems to enjoy kids although initially she was really shocked that people came so small! She wasn't sure what the heck to make of him.

She is a gatherer of things not attached :) Emily will gather toys, ball, bones, soap, socks, towels, again anything not attached and take them to her crate. She will sometimes try a dog bed or a throw rug too! She is busy for sure. She is not generally destructive though, she just likes to grab and carry anything that fits in her mouth! I haven't noticed any issues with thunderstorms, and we do have a fair amount of gun fire with all the hunters in the area and I haven't really seen any response to that either. We initially assumed that she may have been dumped for being gun shy, or perhaps ran from gun fire and then got lost, but I haven't seen any response at all. The sound also hasn't been really close. She had not had a collar or leash on before, and had for sure never been inside. She used to get car sick every time she went in a car, now we just don't feed her before going. It's gotten much better, although it does sometimes still exist.

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