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Zooey Needs Your Help

Zooey was found dumped in Nov 2011 and there was no response to found ads in the two local papers and flyers. She is good with kids, dogs and other animals (as long as they don’t have feathers!) and definitely shows pointing instinct.

She does love her toys (especially her squeaky pheasant) and she likes to take her fleecy dog bed out of her crate and out the dog door and set it right outside the door. She now has a separate fleece pad in her crate so we don't have to crawl in to the crate to make her bed at night! We do leave her crate open and she sleeps in it at night. She is very prey driven, trying to get at the birds that live in our holly bushes. When she first showed up she would go out with us to feed and blanket the horses. She did really well and kept a respectful distance. Chickens, however are a different story! As is every field lark on our 38 acres. All in all, she seems to be a very happy little dog, all things considered. We honestly don't think she was ever physically abused, just kept locked up and ignored. It took about 5 weeks to teach her what “sit” meant, but when she got it- she got it. Oh, and when she smiles, she has an endearing underbite!

Zooey has been spayed, microshipped and is up to date on her vaccinations. For more information about Zooey, please contact Rebekah at 405-279-2995 or beckysmith2008@windstream.net. Zooey is located in Meeker, OK.

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