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Happy Abby!

Every once and a while a special dog comes around that has the charisma to capture your heart in a heartbeat. Let me introduce you to one such dog, her name is Happy Abby. She is only a puppy around the age of 6 months old, so she does have some things to learn. But she will learn fast because you will only need to teach her once. She is just that smart. Her energy level will require a lot of exercise and boy does she have the legs to run. When she becomes full grown, she will be a stunning Pointer to look at. Well heck, she is pretty cute right now. Her cuteness is a joy to watch as she plays with all her dog friends and all her dog toys. Like many Pointers, Abby is a little shy and sensitive, but she is not fearful or overly nervous. Once she gets to know you, she will show you her extremely affectionate, friendly personality. Pointer lovers will really appreciate this special girl. And if you understand Pointers, then you will also know that Abby is a birddog. And yes, she does love birds. Because of her innate desire, she has great potential to be a wonderful hunting companion to the right handler. If Abby sounds like the right dog for you, please fill out an application.

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